Triclenz Hair Cleanser

Information about Triclenz Hair Cleanser

Triclenz shampoo is a specially formulated hair cleanser that is gentle on the hair. It is a neutral cleanser that is effective in cleansing dry and dull hair. Triclenz shampoo lathers well to soften the cuticles this restores the moisture of the hair, thus making it look shiny. Triclenz is a gentle cleanser which helps in controlling hair fall and dandruff, thus maintaining overall hair’s health.

Key benefits of Triclenz Shampoo:
Improves hair manageability
Makes hair soft.
Does not dry out the hair after wash
Does not weigh down the hair

Directions of use:
1) Apply the shampoo generously on wet hair.
2) Lather up from roots to ends
3) Rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Use under Medical supervision.