Dr Ortho an Ayurvedic Medicine Oil

Information about Dr Ortho an Ayurvedic Medicine Oil

Dr. Ortho oil is an ayurvedic herbal pain relieving oil which is prepared from the extracts of eight different herbs. Each herb has distinctive properties to combat pain in several regions of the body including muscles, legs, neck, shoulders, joints and back. It is useful in providing relief from joint pain, it also acts a muscle pain relief oil, and an ayurvedic oil for shoulder pain.

Key Ingredients:

  • Flaxseed Oil
  • Camphor oil
  • Peppermint Oil
  • Til Oil

Key Benefits:

  • The active components of these herbs stimulate blood circulation within stiff muscles and limbs
  • They relieve body ache, muscular pains, severe joint pain or swelling
  • The oil is absorbed quickly and spreads over the affected area
  • The flaxseed oil contains essential fatty acids specifically, omega 3-fatty acids, which has the capability to reduce inflammation in joints and muscles
  • It has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Pepper mint oil is very effective in treating chronic pain
  • It has saponins and flavonoids which suppress enzymes responsible for inflammation
  • Vitex negundo is beneficial in treating neuralgia, aches and pains
  • Sesamum indicum which is known as Til oil helps relieve mild to severe pain

Directions For Use:
Dr. Ortho oil is indicated during pain in different parts of the body including muscles, legs, neck, shoulders, joints and back.

Safety Information:

  • Use under medical supervision
  • Store in a cool and dry place
  • Keep away from children