Parasoft Moisturizing Shower Gel

Information about Parasoft Moisturizing Shower Gel

Parasoft Shower Gel is a medicated formulation with cleansing properties and certain added ingredients such as Jojoba oil, Avocado oil, Grape Seed oil, Aloe Vera oil, Olive oil which improve the skin nourishing properties of the shower gel.

These organic essential oils add various dimensions to the shower gel such as antioxidant and antiseptic properties. It refreshes the skin and opens the clogged pores of the skin. The skin is hydrated and moisturized to the appropriate level. It relieves the skin from skin irritation, rashes and itching problems which may arise due to sunburns, insect bites and dermatitis.

Direction for use:
Wet body under the shower
Squeeze adequate quantity of Parasoft Shower Gel on wet palm
By using other palm work into a creamy lather
Apply all over the body
Keep for some time
Shower with warm water
Dry Gently using towel

Use under medical supervision