Zedfit Sachet Lemon

Information about Zedfit Sachet Lemon

Zedfit Powder contains Collagen Peptide.

Collagen peptide is highly useful for various bone and joint pains as it acts as building blocks for various connective tissues like skin, bones, cartilage, teeth, tendons etc. It also supports healthy skin, better digestion, and balanced hormonal release in body. Administration of Collagen Peptide stimulates the anabolic phase of cartilage matrix turnover. This brings about a phase of regeneration and stability in joint cartilage.

Benefits of Zedfit Powder:
Promotes cartilage health
Improves joint flexibility and mobility in joint function
Reduces joint pain
Reduces the consumption of pain relievers
Maintains joint health in active people
Stimulates synthesis of Collagen in skin

Zedfit Powder is recommended in Osteoarthritis

Use under medical supervision