Information about NACFIL FORTE TABLET

NACFIL FORTE TABLET contains Myo Inositol and Acetyl Cysteine as active ingredients.
– Used for polycystic ovary syndrome, Bile duct blockage in infants, disturbed biorhythms, sleep disorders Mucus thinning, liver toxicity due to paracetamol overdose

– Key Benefits/Uses of NACFIL FORTE TABLET:
– Acetyl Cysteine is used for Paracetamol overdose, Mucus thinning, Prevention of radiocontrast-induced nephropathy and other conditions
– Works by increasing the glutathione levels and binding with the toxic products of paracetamol
– Myo Inositol is used for the treatment of ovary disorders 

Direction for use/Dosage:
– As directed by the physician

Storage instruction:
– Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct heat and sunlight

Safety instructions:
– Keep out of reach of children
– To be used under medical supervision only
– Do not exceed the daily recommended Dosage