Novofine 31G Needle

Novofine 31G Needle

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Information about Novofine 31G Needle

Novofine needles are insulin needles that are made with 6 mm 32 gauge, 6 mm 31 gauge and 8 mm 30 gauge designs.

Features of Novofine Flexpen needles:

Work by administering insulin into the body to help the patient’s blood sugar levels remain under control.
Offers a safe, effective insulin delivery, and Extra Thin Wall Technology which improves insulin flow for a more comfortable injection.
Simple to use screw-on needle with a safety cap and are suitable for all ages and all weights.
Suitable for use by all adults and children with diabetes although 6 mm needles are best when used at a 90-degree injection angle on a lifted skin fold.
Compatible with most types of pens
Single use and Disposable
Sterile Non-Toxic

Use under Medical supervision.